America in Obesity

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Took some good points and put them to use.



my mom works with fat obese black kids to help them lose weight good job

thank you for letting other ppl know!

i have seen "super size me" twice and i really think we should eat better and exercise!
and i'm moving to japan!

Another Public service announcement, NOT ART!

So maybe this is because i live in america, but we see stupid shit like this every day on our TV, if i could stand american TV every day. but this "work" is less inspired and not as amusing as our own Goverment ads. if this ADVERTISMENT is not blamed in a day i will blame the french. (you like that frenchie?!)


You have captured the spirit of citizens of the united staes PERFECTLY. Lard ass retards...

Nice work

Kill the fatties? 1/3 of the population? ^^

Seriously: You americans really seems to have a weight problem and this problem starts in europe, too.
I think it's not that easy to lose weight, but it won't help sueing McDonalds for making the food you stuffed in.

It's a lot easier to get fat, that's for sure. The tipps you give are good, but this will take much time... too much for most people.

The flash was nicely done. I don't live "here" but I've got a nice impression :)

jimmyouidiot responds:

Just try and keep Europe skinny! good luck. hahaha

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Feb 14, 2005
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