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The True Meaning Of Xmas

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Author Comments

A heart warming tale of exploration and experimenttion. They went out searching for drugs and found the true meaning of thanksgiving.

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that song...

I know what that song is, it's icarus...though I'm not quite sure of the remix...ANYWAYS... Very Nice flash, Liked it alot. Do you plan on making any tutorials on how to draw the lock legion? I think it would be a pretty good idea, not to mention probably a front pager at the LL site...go for it DP I'll be rooting for ya...=P <3 Lock LEgion o(^)o fifen!

((( HAHA )))

Hahaha that was funny, the crazy flashing was abit much but still made the whole idea well worth it, nice backrounds aswell, i was pleased with the flash heh, make more soon...


not bad

it was an alright X-mas movie, but a bit late... you should've saved it and worked on it and submitted it for X-mas next year


Title: "The True Meaning of Xmas"
Authors' Comments: "[...] found the true meaning of thanksgiving."
Today's Date: Feb. 14th (aka Valentine's day)

Despite none of those matching up... I GIVE YOU A 5. There is just something about Locks that i really like... (same goes for Clocks, LF, Foamy, Madness, Poninjas, and sometimes Sticks fighting).

<('o'<) <('o')^ ^('o')^ ^('o')> (>'o')> '(-_-)' *bow

what the fuck

why do you have locks and why do they have that annoying bonzi buddy voice man be more artistic