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The Ballad of the Rose

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(Turn the volume up until you can hear clearly, but not too high or it'll get scratchy)

Yay! I finally finished my mock-ballad, and in time for Valentines Day too! I've hidden a few easter eggs so try clicking random objects, but they go by pretty quickly (check the last scene of the bonus features for instance). Constructive criticism is welcome. Enjoy!

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i didnt like it very much

maybe others will like it, i couldnt hear the voicing anyway.. try harder next time

it a little weird, but ok...

u had nice animations...but the rose and the thorn and the....well wut ever that was...seemed a little strange.


good v-day movie. not really lubby-dubby, but it was a good approach to the day, good work.

NeeKnight responds:

Yeah, I was trying to do something a little different than usual. Thanks for the review.


not so much a love tale as it was funny.I really enjoyed how everything rhymed,thats what made it good.

NeeKnight responds:

Hehe, yeah, it wasn't supposed to be very serious. Glad you liked it!

That was good

It sent out a Meaning of Communication and to never missununderstand
The Situation your in.. what was ment to become Love Became something utterly different, although I dont reall like poetry that didnt lower the score.

NeeKnight responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks for the review!