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FINAlLY ITS DONE!!! I've taken my time on this one.. :/

This is a collaboration made by 5 people from the mindchamber forums. The idea was to make a 10-30 second animation of pico in an action scene, these where the ressults. Ranks where added so that people has something to work for. Winner gets a custum rank in the mindchamber forum, and the honour!

I woked on this for a long time, SORRY for being so lazy, guys, but i did what i felt i could.. I hope you like it, and it's meant to be a bit silly. SO.. ENJOY! :)


Oh my gash, Pico Smoking!!!!!!!!!!!


great nice work on this one

Excellent collab.

Hexar - It was an OK animation, but the movements seemed a bit stiff. However, good job.

J_Oberbichler - The way how Pico handles the gun looked cool, but the exploded head looked awful.

Deej - Very short but the animation looked fluid and stunning.

Allingar - It looked nice, but the way the arms moved looked weird. However, I liked your drawing style and the "Agent Smith" feel of the enemy.

Vandal - Alien Hominid vs. Pico? Excellent. You should consider making a full feature flash movie from that idea.

Great work to all of you.

hexar responds:

thanks for the kind remarks, dude. Not sure if you're interrested, but ill give you a little inside info, still :)

My own animation (hexar):
Yea, i had some problems with that, i wanted it to look like he entered bullettime, but i screwed up a bit.

Allingar: he actually made a boondock saints parody, if you havn't seen that movie, please do. it's a classic :)

Vandal: He wrote in his info he WAS going to make a longer version, so let's pray he means it :)

Vert good!

The only thing that was stopping me from giving you a ten was the graphics!Very good movie!

hexar responds:

thanks a lot :)

Yea, we're not all as talented as the other, but we all did our best


This is awesome.... I LOVE Deej's entry. I've actually seen Boondock Saints

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Feb 13, 2005
12:55 PM EST