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FINAlLY ITS DONE!!! I've taken my time on this one.. :/

This is a collaboration made by 5 people from the mindchamber forums. The idea was to make a 10-30 second animation of pico in an action scene, these where the ressults. Ranks where added so that people has something to work for. Winner gets a custum rank in the mindchamber forum, and the honour!

I woked on this for a long time, SORRY for being so lazy, guys, but i did what i felt i could.. I hope you like it, and it's meant to be a bit silly. SO.. ENJOY! :)


Ah I wuv Pico!

Awsome work on this one. It was great to watch all the diffrent styles.
Kind of like the evoloution of pico thing gonna on here^^

hexar responds:

thanks :)
And we wuv you too :D

HAHA i got banned from that forum today...

...but ill give this a 3 anyway.

hexar responds:

Lemme guess.. You did osmething REALLY stupid, right?

Well then congratulations, there's a 99% chance you're the firs guy EVER to be banned on the mindchamber forums :D

Great job guys.

You've all put in an ernest effort..

I liked the collab very much..

Tighten up your art, keep practicing and your next collab will be through the roof!!


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hexar responds:

Who the fuck are you? Get outta my sight, BITCH! :D


ummm why????? that was boring!!!!.....u should have made those shorts a lil'bit longer....but coem on man...u could have done wayyyyyy better!!!!

the sound was really good by the way, good choice in song

hexar responds:

You know what's boring? You! and yea, some people didnt have time to do them any longer, also, why didnt you enter the collab yourself? im sure you could've done a whole lot better :)


Good work on the Boondock Staints reference.

hexar responds:

Yea, that was a favorite of mine, too. that's why he got the 2nd place, it was longer than deej's, even though deej's animation was flawless

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3.10 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2005
12:55 PM EST