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MC forum: Pico collab

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FINAlLY ITS DONE!!! I've taken my time on this one.. :/

This is a collaboration made by 5 people from the mindchamber forums. The idea was to make a 10-30 second animation of pico in an action scene, these where the ressults. Ranks where added so that people has something to work for. Winner gets a custum rank in the mindchamber forum, and the honour!

I woked on this for a long time, SORRY for being so lazy, guys, but i did what i felt i could.. I hope you like it, and it's meant to be a bit silly. SO.. ENJOY! :)


Sigh... I'm so dissapointed...

When I saw that different artists got together to make Pico movies I got all excited, but then I saw this and just... sigh... this wasn't good, and the graphics were plain bad, sorry.

And also I didn't see the essence of Pico, that odd (yet so satisfying) twist between a cute little kid and a messed-up pshyco that made Pico one of my favorite characters (I mean, he's a little boy with a gun, how can't you love him?).

Sorry, but try harder next time.


lol very nice. They all looked like good leads 2 some wicked flashes. Keep up the good work!


They all sucked to me. The graphics were horrible, and it was so fake. im just gonna walk away now.


great nice work on this one

That was pretty cool!

Oh i just LOVE PICO! he's so cute ... but he's not only cute he's a BADASS! and I dont mean that in a bad way. Some times I wish that I could do what he dose kills the bad and saves the good with out getting aressted or stuff like that. and please tell me what kind of song that was Okay!

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Feb 13, 2005
12:55 PM EST