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FINAlLY ITS DONE!!! I've taken my time on this one.. :/

This is a collaboration made by 5 people from the mindchamber forums. The idea was to make a 10-30 second animation of pico in an action scene, these where the ressults. Ranks where added so that people has something to work for. Winner gets a custum rank in the mindchamber forum, and the honour!

I woked on this for a long time, SORRY for being so lazy, guys, but i did what i felt i could.. I hope you like it, and it's meant to be a bit silly. SO.. ENJOY! :)


Vert good!

The only thing that was stopping me from giving you a ten was the graphics!Very good movie!

hexar responds:

thanks a lot :)

Yea, we're not all as talented as the other, but we all did our best

Excellent collab.

Hexar - It was an OK animation, but the movements seemed a bit stiff. However, good job.

J_Oberbichler - The way how Pico handles the gun looked cool, but the exploded head looked awful.

Deej - Very short but the animation looked fluid and stunning.

Allingar - It looked nice, but the way the arms moved looked weird. However, I liked your drawing style and the "Agent Smith" feel of the enemy.

Vandal - Alien Hominid vs. Pico? Excellent. You should consider making a full feature flash movie from that idea.

Great work to all of you.

hexar responds:

thanks for the kind remarks, dude. Not sure if you're interrested, but ill give you a little inside info, still :)

My own animation (hexar):
Yea, i had some problems with that, i wanted it to look like he entered bullettime, but i screwed up a bit.

Allingar: he actually made a boondock saints parody, if you havn't seen that movie, please do. it's a classic :)

Vandal: He wrote in his info he WAS going to make a longer version, so let's pray he means it :)

i think...

there's too much Pico stuff....i'm not a fan of Pico and ya

hexar responds:

I love the fact that you gave me a 10 in Interactivity :) And well. IT was a pico collab, what did you expect when you opened the window? :P

Pretty good!

That was really cool, though I didn't understand the endings. Also, the gunshots in the beginning caught me off guard (I accidentaly turned my speakers up). Good animation, and the Pico Vs. Alien Hominid thing was really funny. *Claps for the collaborators*

hexar responds:

haha, thanks a lot :) Yea, i turned the level on the gunshot-sound up a bit too loud, to make people get a little schock, just for fun :) thanks for the great score

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3.10 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2005
12:55 PM EST