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TripleArrow - is cliftoje -
cliftoje is - TripleArrow
ooh btm fogot to say this eairlyer the sound is very low i dont know how to fix that so u guys are just gonna have to turn your speakers up
god this took a long time to make... well not the actual animating more the getting voices and sfx, this is my first real lip synicing move well theres cowpie but thats just kinda crap lip syincing, but any way i just want to say thanks to baily for giving me the idear and thats to jon wagner and cliftoje for the voices =D ok enjoy ooh and dont get deterd by the pre-loader i just made that realy qui


you're new to flash, right?

don't put black lines around every part of the body, he looks like a robot. And most of the motion tweens were too slow. The background noise got annoying repeating over and over again (I would recommend putting two noises overlapping with no space). And that huge typo?? don't you look over your work? And it just wasn't funny. I couldn't find a single part that was funny... just slow and boring.

Heh, this was good

Although this flash a little too short, but it did have some nice quality such as the graphics and sound. The graphics were very nice along with the background sound and the voices. That I can't argue with. And the sandwich thing was quite a good joke. Get $100 if you don't get the sandwich you wanted and the customer having to wait for a long time just to get $100? That is really crazy, but in real life, it would be quite possible for someone to wait for $100. Nice work.


not bad, funny, but a bit random and too short.

funny but...meh

It was good, kind of funny but not great. Flash is hard to use but a little extra time still could have made it better. I'm not saying it's bad, in fact it's pretty good. I'm just saying that you need to spend a little more time on your cartoons. Also, on a slightly less important note, cliftoje is my email. The name should have been my newgrounds name, TripleArrow. I want to clear up the fact that the blonde dude is me.

shazwoogle responds:

ooh ok ill change that in my coments =D

it was alright

It was sorta fun playing around with the car in the beginning but that was the best part of the flash you should try working alittle harder on it next time.

Tha Niv

shazwoogle responds:

HEY!!! i did try hard!!!

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2.61 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2005
9:45 PM EST
Comedy - Original