When Nature Calls

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You wanted length, and i gave you length, you wanted color, and i gave you color, you wanted story, and i gave you story. I even wrote the upbeat good-timing musical score, so that you could dance to it in your bedrooms. Now let the fun times begin. This is a mild effort and a subtle attempt at something almost entertaining. I apologize in advance if it didn't meet my fellow newgrounds' members expectations. But i hope you like it! Have fun BUDDIES!


This was really sweet

The timing and ... well... pretty much everything about this was awesome. I think I love you.

Very smooth animation

It reminded me of the Ren and Stimpy style animation
where it's fluid and way to graphic
especially on close-ups

vampire toilet role gets ambushed by ?

crikey,,, i'm left really grasping at that one,,, am trying to get a grip on the storey... starting with the characters... vampire toilet role pre-empted in his evil(?) attempt to clean bottoms in the green hills by humanoid poo shooter... man what a joy to decode... the opening scene bum scratch n sniff made me disgust-grimace... and that irritating bouncey music... i'm gonna mark high for the true non-sense... delighted... i mean disgusted... (?)

Poop factor.

This cartoon is the reason why constipated guys like me can go to sleep at night. The purity of the feces leaving the anus is carried out with such impeccable technique and finesse that to not ANALyze it for studying material would be careless. The poop texture looks like a well cooked bowl of top ramen with the beef flavor packet. This boy is talented. Lets see some more cartoons bub.

haha poo poo

POO GOES ON TOILET PAPER!!! lol this is why i love the internet...lol...-pooo...lol

"why does it look like you have your finger up your ass"
"becuase i do......stupid"

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2.96 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2005
6:09 AM EST
Comedy - Original