Console allstars 2(Ep 7)

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Sup everyone.Console all stars 2-8 is ready to be uploaded the only problem is I lost my internet connection last night. The second I get it back Episode 8 will be online. So look for it.

Take care folks,

Hey everyone Knucklesfanatic here.
Apparently The trailer episode of Console all stars 2-7 was a Damn Drag and not that many ppl liked it.
Hopefully the Actual Episode is Diffrent.
Once I finish uploading this, I am setting aside Console all stars and redoing 1 of my old projects and making a Sequel project to Sonic outtakes.
Sonic outtakes 2 is the next movie in production Followed by
A day in the life of sonic and Tails.
This will be a Co-Production of who I have no ^$#$*#* Clue yet.
This Movie will be what sonic and the gang goes through when they are not Fighting Any bad guys and have no cares in the world.
I want you all to know Do not Expect Any special Charecters from Nintendo or Capcom to be in that movie.
Backgrounds yes but charecters no.

Expect a Trailer for Console all stars 2-8 on the sonic outtakes 2 movie.

Just if you wanna know i worked on this thing for

Drop me a line at Fanaticknuckles@yahoo.co
To Im me Knucklesfanatic3

Without any more comments Enjoy Console all stars 2-7.
BTW Expect a trailer of Episode 8 in the sonic outtakes 2 movie.


Can't wait!

When is this Trailer along with Sonic Outakes 2 going to come out. You have like a hypothesis on when they're going to come out yet?

Yoshiking2 responds:

I should have the trailer out pretty soon. I been very busy with work,Flash and school. So I will have it out as soon as I can only it won't be on newgrounds.com it will be on the NG Alpha mag thingy.

I must've been mistaken.

I thought this was the final episode. oh well. my fault. pretty good. I think Tails should've got revenge on Sigma, because Sigma killed Sonic and when Neo Link destroyed the emeralds Sonic was gonna be gone forever. Not that I like Tails. I can't wait to see how this ends.

Yoshiking2 responds:

Everyone thought this was the final episode because in the 1st series it actually did end on Episode 7.
Look on the update notice. You will have a shocking announcment.

i like sprites cuse i used2 play em this is

prrtty cool i thought


boring but it still was intresting because i wached it all.it was too slow for my likeing . carry on i was you

Yeah what the last guys said

Um, this could have been one of the greatest movies eva. But it lacked a good storyline. Everything else was good apart from the storyline. Maybe you should ask some people what they want in a storyline and then incorporate it inot a greta movie. Better luck next time.

Yoshiking2 responds:

Thanks for the review but what is this WWE Raw or smackdown I am following the story right after the last one.

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3.38 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2005
12:41 AM EST
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