Console allstars 2(Ep 7)

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Sup everyone.Console all stars 2-8 is ready to be uploaded the only problem is I lost my internet connection last night. The second I get it back Episode 8 will be online. So look for it.

Take care folks,

Hey everyone Knucklesfanatic here.
Apparently The trailer episode of Console all stars 2-7 was a Damn Drag and not that many ppl liked it.
Hopefully the Actual Episode is Diffrent.
Once I finish uploading this, I am setting aside Console all stars and redoing 1 of my old projects and making a Sequel project to Sonic outtakes.
Sonic outtakes 2 is the next movie in production Followed by
A day in the life of sonic and Tails.
This will be a Co-Production of who I have no ^$#$*#* Clue yet.
This Movie will be what sonic and the gang goes through when they are not Fighting Any bad guys and have no cares in the world.
I want you all to know Do not Expect Any special Charecters from Nintendo or Capcom to be in that movie.
Backgrounds yes but charecters no.

Expect a Trailer for Console all stars 2-8 on the sonic outtakes 2 movie.

Just if you wanna know i worked on this thing for

Drop me a line at Fanaticknuckles@yahoo.co
To Im me Knucklesfanatic3

Without any more comments Enjoy Console all stars 2-7.
BTW Expect a trailer of Episode 8 in the sonic outtakes 2 movie.


Bad "plot" and poorly executed movie overall.

Your dialogue needs some serious work. Even if I look past the ocasional grammar mistake and your inability to space correctly, the dialogue is just bland. I don't understand why you also couldn't find a font to match the sprites. It just looks tacky using, what? Ariel Bold? I love sprites so much, but I always see them butchered in these movies. At least you didn't try to draw blood in flash to go with your sprites. I have to give you that much, at least.

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Yeah what the last guys said

Um, this could have been one of the greatest movies eva. But it lacked a good storyline. Everything else was good apart from the storyline. Maybe you should ask some people what they want in a storyline and then incorporate it inot a greta movie. Better luck next time.

Yoshiking2 responds:

Thanks for the review but what is this WWE Raw or smackdown I am following the story right after the last one.

It was...... okay..... I guess

Way to slow paced, the story was boring.
Your graphics and animations are smooth and fine and everything but it was just sooooooo boring.
You need a better and more interresting story line.
The fights weren't fun to watch. I was kind of corny and unoriginal.

My fucking God

Not to be rude, but I cant even watch the whole damn thing... I got stupider by the moment and my IQ dropped 3 points.

Yoshiking2 responds:

SO what's your iq now Negative 5 or 7?

It was cool

Make the Tails part as detailed as the Zero Part. In fact, make it make a little more sense... you made it seem like Eggman took Amy... and Amy is Sonics "Girlfriend" not Tails.

Take the Mario part out... it made no sense to the movie.

Make the second one great :P

Anyway it was great :P

Yoshiking2 responds:

Thanks but....
You haven't watched the Series from Episode 1 of the first
Tails has been dating Amy Since episode 1 of the 1st CAS saga.Check it out.

The Mario part though Not sure. I did that for my friends.

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3.38 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2005
12:41 AM EST
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