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Kazahana mass battle is meant to be a multi-medium collaboration project circling around the main setup. This intro may be taken as one of the side stories. For furthur information and submissions please refer to our site at www.lifepoint1.com.



That was cool! Really! Felt like some kind of mix of...Battle Royale and Highlander, 2 very great movies! This sure as hell was cool. That guy in the suit closest to the "camera" was cool! He reminded me of Legend from Xin! Really cool!


This was an ok series but a little gorey. I wouldn't have gotten what was happening if I wouldn't have read what it was on the life point 1 site awhile back. The guy running was a little weird, but over all I thought it was good, except my mom walked in write when the guy got shot with the sniper. Good job

it's good

It's not your absolute best, but it's pretty good. The part that really didn't do it was the voice acting. Some of the voiceovers were really flat..........but other than that, good movie. 8/10

Not eactly very nice... but... yeah.

The way you did the legs this time is not exactly the best. And the turning part is not as smooth. next dime do not make such things okay. The graphics were good, yes, but again. The legs, and he is bending too far forward. Do not do bird's eye view please, it looks real lame. Too bad i cant hear the sound on his computer, darn it! library computers...and there isnt even a good keyboard around. The way you did the blood was also not very good, but nevertheless, it is the best there is. The flashback scene was beautifully done, i felt like i was watching some of my mum's dramas on TV! And i like the chinese words, "feng hua" and it is in traditional chinese, which makes it more classy. This rocks dude, but its only an intro right? Cant wait to see the next one. But somehow, i feel like there is too much fighting scenes in your xin series... Are you addicted to violence or something?

Great story.

The graphics were awesome, though the animation less so. When they were running, it looked a bit shit, as if you were tweening each leg as a whole. In other instances, overly limited frames looked choppy.

Also, the sound seemed out of synch on occasion.

The plot and pacing were incredible with a beginning to capture the interest quickly and various unexpected turns and a nice revealing of the overall plot.

I'm really excited to see this begin properly.

If the final series is as intelligent as the intro, it could be one of my favourite stories on NG.

Just a bit of a shame about your animation. Either animate the legs properly, each joint seperately, or try to not show the legs.

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Feb 10, 2005
1:57 PM EST
  • Daily Feature February 11, 2005