Broken Saints CH 23 ACT 2

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Raimi, Kami, and Oran hide in an alleyway mere blocks away from the Biocom building, trying to plan some way to get inside and expose the truth of the plan to Palmer.
But an entire battalion of Valhalla troops stands between them and their goal. Will they risks their lives to do what's right?

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Broken Saints Chapter 23 Act 2: Was excellent, really is starting to turn into a great series to watch now, i wonder what they have done to shandala, hope the other saints can get her back, cannot wait to see what happens in the last act.

Graphics: Great artwork and animation as always.
Sound Effects: Was great as always.
Music: Same music but it is always great.

10/10 as the series as just turnt into another level here great to watch.


This is getting really exciting. The openings and such start to feel really long. I just want to know what heppens. >_<

And these series, all in all, are just purely awesome...
(Any need to say this, actually???)

" Broken Saints CH 23 ACT 2 is compelling!"

Graphics - As you know the series artwork gets better each chapter.

Style - As you know the series has a good plot.

Sound - As you know the series has the same music, but it's good!

Violence - As you know the series has Keene dead after being alive.

Interactivity - As you know the series has an opening, this 1 rocks.

Humor - As you know the series I. has 1 i meant one Raimi humors.

Overall - As you know the series has a good twist!

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Something the likes of you would never be able to comprehend. Not in this lifetime, buddy. Go back to the 18+ section and watch some cartoon porn dude. Stop criticizing people for something you cant even BEGIN to understand. Broken Saints rocks.

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4.32 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2005
1:35 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 11, 2005