GunChest Fighting Game

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I hope you guys like this game...
Very simple...very short...but...
I think ...I think it is very strong game...
Have a fun with this GunChest vs JoinSword One on One Fighting Game...


It's ok, make a version with more!

Graphics are o.k, but more combo's, maybe a versus mode, and more battles,
a plot and some better maps.

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fuck this game

no variety and only one fight. Not to mention poor graphics. But the real reason this game gets a 0 is because The enemy is so overpowered its stupid. her legs have way more reach than yours so even though your kicking she can kick you as well as she uses her special as much as she wants and takes away half your health which you cant avoid in one attack combo. I still beat it but i had to dash at her and dash away and be a total cheap ass. What a lame game.

Its ok but...

It is ok but it eeds more frame work in it. and no offense but the detail is lame. Try again. the show is much better ad i credit you for that

I like your flashes, but this is pretty crappy.

There isn't much to do except punch and kick, and once you win there's nothing else to do. The controls aren't very good, and the AI has a very easy way to prevent you from actually hitting. Half the time I'm just holding a button down and getting easy hits and think it's retarded, and the other half I can't land a hit at all and I think it's retarded.

Your GunChest series is very good, but please stick to making movies. Your games are not very good, but your movies are the best.

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the enemy was pretty easy to beat, graphics where ok.
the fighting was easy to work with, and ya well its a reasanble game.
only to bad its only 1 fight.

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2.81 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2005
11:51 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS