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Piconjo's Party

rated 3.59 / 5 stars
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Feb 9, 2005 | 3:01 AM EST

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Author Comments

Piconjo has a party in his pants... AND YOUR INVITED!

UPDATE: Piconjo will have more kewl partys, wanna be at teh next one? No problem! Just swing an e-mail by !!!

6 top Newgrounds artists!
8 movies (+ 1 hidden bonus one, check out the disco ball ~__~!)
More than 11 minutes of high quality animation! The biggest collab sice Piconjo Jam 20! Piconjo & Jerkoffman proudly presents: Piconjo's PaRtY!!!

This is what some people have to say about Piconjo's PaRtY:
Thomas Fulp: "After seeing this movie i started sploojing so hard that Wade had to drive me to the hospital and give me a semen transfusion! Also Synj could not suck my dick for 2 weeks!"
Wade Fulp: "Simply a masterpiece, i couldn't stop touching my pen0r once on the way to the hospital!"
John Zirbes: "waaaaaaaaAAAAAA........
..gooo? Go GO! aaaaaaAAaa........ *starts drewling uncontrollably*"
Randy Solem: "This movie made me so randy that i masturbated to ghey pr0n for 2 weeks in a row!
Joseph Blancette: " After seeing this i realized that i have to 1) start animating my own movies 2) stop using stolen jokes and videogame characters 3) stop abusing the gradient tool and the tween command. 4) learn to do FBF..... Piconjo, can you ever forgive me?"

WTF j00 r still reading this?!11
Stay tuned, it will be done loading soon!

(C) 2005 - Piconjo Productions & Jerkoffvision



Rated 3 / 5 stars

hey not bad!

Jerkoffman (GAO) - fekc yes! that was a damn sweet movie dude. you took the piss out of all 4 of those artists, and you did a freaking good job at it, too! great animation and audio in this one.
Jerkoffman (confession) - J man h8s you! hahaha. not bad... i guess? haha. good dialogue.
It's Raining Bloopers - bleh! we all know LF is 'that way'... i guess you did have to reinforce this point, though...
Bring on the homo FLASH BROS!- graphics?? hahah. that song = pwnage.
pen0r to rule them all 2 - lolol you sure do love those Kirby's XD haha. great song... a bit slow moving though.
This thing called love - euhm... wtf? lol... looks like Piconjo's p3n0r was fighting a stick figure... weiooord!
The epic battle - it went THROUGH him?? ...weak toad + strong p3n0r does not = epic battle! lolol. needed to be longer.
OMFG p3n0r - simply stupid :)
overall, pretty cool collab i thought. the first couple of movies were easily the best, and i had a good time watching. does piconjo <3 meh? lol.

Jerkoffman responds:

No thumbs this time? You knew it would just end up in your buttz neway huh? lol!

But yes, Piconjo <3s j00!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

F*ck piconjo...

Would you please stop making those awfull flashes? I HATE them....
And no matter how UGLY they are You get past judgement... just because of the name 'picino' and I HATE IT!!!... also vote a 0. you're welcome :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This was a great flash. I liked the menu a lot. It was well done, but where are the parts by SickSexFiend and GreatTeacherOnizuka? You had them in there but I don't see parts from either of them in this flash.

My favorite part by far was the Great Animator Onizuka one. That one was the funniest and most entertaining. The Jerkoffman Confession was decent and it was a nice twist on the Piconjo Confessions. I couldn't understand anything that LF was saying in "It's Raining Bloopers." :( The HomoFlashBros movie was very goofy and it got some laughs out of me. I had already seen the bonus movie in "Pikanjo Jam" but it was still very funny. The other movies were kind of boring though. :/ Overall solid effort. I hope to see more Jerkoffman/Piconjo movies out of you guys.

Jerkoffman responds:

I didn't have teh heart to de1337 them even though they were to lazy to do anything (+ they promised to suck my pen0r really hard 2nite! rofl).
thx 4 teh review!
Piconjo <3s j00


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I cant believe Legendary Frog is part of that...!??!

Jerkoffman responds:

Well, yes. I understand. Joseph is a pretty crappy animator, and i hesitated a long time before i asked him to take part in this movie... I understand that many people will vote 0's because of his bad tweens and that's why i kinda regret asking him! :/

neway, <3 j00, and in teh future, don't vote low just because j00 h8 LegendaryFrog, k?


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

top? my ass is top

"6 top Newgrounds artists"? who the hell is top of you 6? I'm more top than all of you together... oh yeah did I mention I hate "jams" or whatever they're called because they're nothing but a cunning way to make a boring film get a higher score because it's bundled together with another bunch of boring films? I didn't finish watching this... because it was BORING.

Jerkoffman responds:

Awww... someone is a little jelous he wasn't in it!
So sad! But it's ok! You can be in teh next one, k? Just mail me, thx bai.
BTW, Piconjo ager dig!