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BBS Memory

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Another BBS themed game. I'm not really making a series of these or anything, I just got bored and wanted to put something together. Let me know what you think!



I liked the music, and it wasn't retardedly hard. I've always been partial to match-up games.

Good job


when the difficulty when up or down, it didnt really change.

Good work

But maybe a tip for the next time you work with sounds: please make a command to stop the old theme, damn it was very irritating to keep pressing: "Stop the music". I gave this one a couple of points for humor because of the images of the people, and the hot girl ;)

Meh, it's ok

Not really that great of a game. Music was badly compressed as well, this should be at the most 1 mb.

I noticed the victory sound is the sound from thta shitty Game Boy Advance D&D game. I can't believe I bought that stupid game.

Awe Shit son!

You dun' put meh in another game! This was really nice. sadly, my favorite part was the megaman2 intro, but still, It was a well scripted lil’ game, and you had a crazy amount of options as far as levels and hilarious cheese tunes. HiFi is hardcore dude! its got an impressive and thorough scoring system, all in all I really really like it. 'tis a shame i suck at memory games.

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2005
9:05 PM EST
Puzzles - Other