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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.7

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Author Comments

"Update" WOW!!! Daily 1st, Weekly 4th, and even Review Crew Pick!!!? You guys are the best!!!

In this chapter Bat encounters Louis EX, as he thought he could defeat him once more, Louis EX suprisingly unleashes an army, will Bat survive?

MaxR: Ch.7 was delayed because of my old computer couldn't handle the large number of layers, I had to wait for a new one, which I did. Ch.7 is currently my best movie, and could possibly be the best of the Little Fighter Alpha series. As you can see it is the biggest and longest (around 6 minutes). I hope you enjoy this chapter, and I look forward to your reviews. I will respond to all!

Anzrage: Please read before you complain: If you don't get what's happening then you obviously haven't watched the other 6 chapters. Yes, this is a sprite movie, and yes we have permission from the creators to use their sprites. The proof is in the extras, a screen shot of the e-mail sent from the creator himself. In fact most of the other sprite movies haven't gotten official permission to use them.
We've worked pretty hard on this chapter; it's the longest chapter of them all! This chapter is around 5 minutes long, and filled with intense action scenes. I hope you all enjoy this chapter.


dont like warcraft but love LF2

(This is for lf2 chapter 6 i forgot 2 write this)How come u only made rudolf use multi shadow clone jitsu??
woody can do it too but its kind of like it
btw change the stuff with starcraft kind of ugly

MaxR responds:

Oh you mean warcraft, not starcraft? Yeah, I used to like warcraft a lot! But sadly you won't see any peons in my movies anymore :(. I didn't know Woody could use shadow clone jitsu too? I know he can teleport though!

i dont know what the fuck anyones problem is but..

this is pure Grade A+ movie material i mean come on...if you havent played little fighter or watched 1-6 thenstop spammin up the reviews...god MaxR wored his ass off to bring this beautiful flash to us....and you flame him with insults god you people suck!!!...an d thx to half the morons in NewGrounds MaxR feels like quitting......we are here for you MaxR fuck the idots FUCK THEM ALL!!!!

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wow nice movie

i liked the smooth animations while they were still simple at times... great movie keep it up

well i liked it!

Well,it was kinda good just bit too short still make the next one 10 min :D . get some "humor" o the part 8 if possible, by the way make the next chapter quick,eh?

About time i was able to review it

Time to review the most higly rewarded and plain and simply best of your series haha :P. Been waiting for this review for a while :)

Graphics - Never really seen sprites do that much ha :P, but you aren't really working with like 8 bits so hey :P, ha kidding, but i love how they move and such, how you made them really look like it wasn't just a straight forward plane of movement from time to time, makes sense right? :P I swear all those special attacks, the bats and such, the background and rain effect all of it just made it ... for lack of better wording, EXTREMELY HARDCORE :D, i'll talk more about the fight in violence haha.
Style - you said it was made to put a story to a game made originally for just fighting :D, or i believe you said that quite a while ago too :), and for god sakes it is a damn good one too, nothing HORRIBLY original :P, but it isn't like it is horribly overused, if that makes any sense ... basically it isn't original but not ... unoriginal >.<, ok ok, yes yes that makes no sense, but damn it, BASICALLY it is a cool plot :P
Sound - You may have used a lot of the same sounds, BUuUUTTtUTuTUT at least they weren't sounds that EVERYONE has used from flash to god damn flash haha. They were ... new in a sense, obviously not CREATED by you guys, but nothing i've really heard before :\. Then there were the songs, the menu song was nice enough and got you READY to an extant of what was coming next, then the main battles song fit perfectly, and at times the song went right along with the animation itself, a REALLY GOOD THING :D. Also at the end it left you on a great little cliffhanger and the song used then, MYSTERIOUS and perfect fitting. Last song with the cut screen made me want to have the next RIGHT THERE TO WATCH, too bad :P
Violence - Ha where do i start, i remember months back i was telling how a huge fight scene would make it absolutely kick ass (it was an obvious suggestion... but still :P) on aim, and i was SO DAMN HAPPY to see it :D. From the spin kicks, to (again) the bats, the bow of pwnage :O. Sucks how bat got pwnt :(, but at least he went down fighting, and fighting AWESOMELY haha. Random note, I WANT A SPEAR LIKE THAT haha :D.
Humor - When he raised them up and they were all flailing ... that was hilarious XD.

HA, so glad i could finally get around to this review, hope you liked it :D 5/5, YET ANOTHER TIME ;)

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2005
8:36 PM EST
  • Review Crew Pick February 9, 2005
  • Daily Feature February 9, 2005
  • Weekly 4th Place February 9, 2005