A girl and her midget

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A girl buys a midget in a can


This movie about a girl and a midget was not good or funny. You should include more jokes and funny scenes. Improve the art and and sound. The lack of sounds really hurts this movie.

Some decent humour was put into this, like the store sign saying sorry we're closed. Also the quality of the audio was nice and smooth and not scratchy or anything, I thought that Homer Simpson singing he was the champion was pretty funny too. Although the plot is really crazy and messed up it's also all the more original.

Other than the small bits of humour on signs and lists this movie was overall very stale. The plot, although I mentioned to be creative, was also quite awful. A girl buying a midget in a can? Also the dialogue was poorly written and I found some errors which made the introduction a little more confusing. For example "she bought a midget in a can for 3 for 35"..... Anyway, the backgrounds were horrid as it seems every single slide was just pure white in the background. Some really poor quality.

Not one of the worst messed up plots I've seen, however it's all mostly poorly done and other than some small mostly hidden humour there's just about no point to this movie. A lot of more effort could be put into this.


A love story about a girl and her midget. The art was dreadful quite frankly, and there was no sound at all. The plot was alright, but the flash ended before the story. Needed a lot more work.

i like the drawings
and the humour in dehumanising and objectifying midgets
the homer Simpson sound clip was an epic blast of nostalgia
love it

Oh god are you serious?

XD Seriously what was up with Newgrounds at the time? Midgets in a can oh my god this place never ceases to amuse me I'll tell you that. I mean look at this animation it's half assed but hilarious. Honestly how do I review something like this?

In short I loled nuff said

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1.33 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2000
5:09 PM EDT
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