Freerunner renewed

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The same freerunner i did be4 i just redid the hackysac scene, Thanks to the author of hacky sack insanity, for pointing out a option at flash.



it was ok, a bit pointless though...

pretty good

i like it it is ok but not that good but a lot better than i could do lol.

3.5 MB download?

Wasn't there something on the front page just recently about sound optimisation? I'm sorry to say that this was a fairly poor effort at an over-done genre. If it's not stick men fighting each other, it's stickmen trying to survive while going through some massive obstical course.

What you did wasn't TOO bad (I've seen worse), but it's not that great, either. You made a coment to someone else about going to school being a reason for the lower quality entry? The want for a quality entry should prevail over the want for something to submit. sadly alot of people miss that point. I know of people who have spent years working on cartons, and keep revising sections over and over, making them better or smoother, and still don't feel like submiting. That's taking it to the other extreme, but you should think about spending extra time on making it good, or great rather than just submiting any old crap.

Meh.. I know that that's a bit hipocritical, seeing as I've done it many times too, but still.

I see potential in your work, but potential doesn't make a great animation... it makes 'what could be a great animation if...'.

I'ma stop talking now, but think about re-working things before you submit. And the sound optimisation, too...

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My Thoughts

Wasn't long enough, would have been better if it was zoomed in more and u could see more things. There should have been more fighting in it and not just jumping around looking like a monkey on crack. If you made another one with more fight scenes and action such as the Xaio Xaio one's and it might do well.


I am tired AND SLEEPY. i AM SECONDS away from going to bed and I tried this flash out. I am glad I did because I really ejoyed it. Thanks for the time.

Neko responds:

Thank you and goodnight

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2.30 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2005
1:56 AM EST
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