Disgaea: Episode 3

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Holy crap 25k views! INSANE! I'm working on EPISODE 5! Prepare for the REUINION!

This is Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I have decided to do a series based on one of my favourite video games. The art work in this flash have all been taken directly from the game. I just love the game so much I didn't want it to end, So I will follow the games story line somewhat, and add some of my own material.

Voices have been done by me, AND Kagome.

I thought her voice was wonderful and hopefully, you guys will like it too.


Great Great GREAT!

Loved it. Specially now that you added 'On the next episode' type thing like the game.

All you really need is the Disgaea font.
If you need it just contact me and I'll be glad to share it with you.

I'm asuming you drew this so

Well done. Voices were pretty good.

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MaKd responds:

Sadly no, I didn't draw them. But maybe in the future I'll add my own drawn characters.

Quite an improvement, but...

Ah, it's nice to see a Disgaea flash on newgrounds- the fact that it's a series makes it even better. Like previously stated, the voice acting has definitely improved in this latest release.

I am confused about something though- in Disgaea: Episode 2, Lamington told Flonne to "observe the demons", yet in Disgaea: Episode 3, Flonne is attempting to assassinate the King of the Netherworld. (I know that in the game, Lamington tells Flonne to assassinate him). So, what exactly happened then?

P.S. Nice job on the Vulcanus scenes ^_^


Had to be the best of the lot so far and all thanks to your effort in getting some voice actors to play the girl roles i mean the whole thing filled out alot nicer because of it. I thought that the little "next time on disgaea" scene was really well done and reminded me of an anime type of joke, and i like how you progressed the story alot more on this one but still gave time to give those side jokes along the way. Overall i love what you have done with this series and its sad to see that the fourth installment is also the last.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Pretty good!

Not bad! I myself am a fan of RPGs (Ever since the dawning of Final Fantasy to be exact) and this was a nice flick that brings the Disgaea game on PS2 come to life in a very unique and clever way! (Despite the fact that I have not played it yet, unfortunately) I notice a fair amount of action, but like most anime, there was also a bit of comic relief thrown in as well. (Which is also a nice touch) Almost reminds me of one of those REAL anime T.V. shows/DVDs that I could actually watch, considering that it carries some familiar elements, such as the ending where it explains the next episode. And yes, the voice acting was very good too! ( I especially liked the female voices) Maybe next time, I would like to see a little more action thrown in, but other than that, this was excellent! ^_^

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Feb 8, 2005
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