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Disgaea: Episode 3

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Holy crap 25k views! INSANE! I'm working on EPISODE 5! Prepare for the REUINION!

This is Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I have decided to do a series based on one of my favourite video games. The art work in this flash have all been taken directly from the game. I just love the game so much I didn't want it to end, So I will follow the games story line somewhat, and add some of my own material.

Voices have been done by me, AND Kagome.

I thought her voice was wonderful and hopefully, you guys will like it too.


lol, so funny

i pay disgaea 2: cursed memories, so i don't know all of the characters,
vulcanus was rlly funny
mas-ter lam-ing-ton, mas-ter lam-ing-tooOOoon!

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THIS SERIES IS AWESOME.How come you missed out Flonne's sneaking in with her own ninininin nininininin part.Anyways.AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't this bordering on copyright infringment?

This is utterly unnecessary, unoriginal, and...un-something else! You basically took the cutscenes from the game (or maybe not, couldn't bear continue after hearing Laharl), and put some whore make-up on it. A flash cartoon would have been a great idea, but this is only slightly more animated that the game's cutscenes, and the voice acting's worse.
But still, it's better than Disgaea 2.


Better, much better.

This movie is better than part2 because you actually hear the girls speak. Oh, you did a good job on Etna's constant sarcasm and Flonne's ditzyness. keep to the original plot and it should be fine.

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it was.....

dood whoever did this i salute it was good, but a tip is that you need to alter the dialouge a bit more, such as were the seraph said im "i tired of your bullsh*t" perfect just improvise a bit more and see about getting actual battle footage for some things

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Feb 8, 2005
12:52 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 9, 2005