The Fall of Sigma Ep. 1

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Edit: Fixed all the main problems.

Edit 2: I know I said Ep. 2 would be finished within a few weeks, but I haven't had time to work on it, what with my job and school taking up most of my time. I'll try to get it done soon, but it'll probably be a while. Sorry for the wait.

This is the first episode of my flash trilogy, The Fall of Sigma. There isn't much action in this one, since it's mainly setting the stage for the battles in the other two. Expect to see episode 2 in the next few weeks or so.

P.S. For those of you who like to rag on people for using sprites in their animations, fuck off. Not everyone can draw with a mouse, so just let us do what we can. Also, no one's forcing you to watch these, so stop your bitching.

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uhg sorry but.........

well im no mega man fan the only character i know is uh... megaman so must of the time i was bored waiting for it to end most of the time but im guessing that hard core fans would like that u really shoud have more action scenes

Just crap.

I found this flash after looking at one made by themasterofsprites.
You were telling him he had no skill. Well no ones perfect and you arent either. Your far from it.

1. The begging was just a bunch of text and screen shots. The last time I checked that isn't proper flash.
2. The begging music was the proper music for this flash but only played out of one side of the speaker and one side of the headphones im using. My equipment is quality because i tested it after this. Very annoying.
3. Your graphics kinda emm.... suck. For the animation you actually did it was very poor.
4. Listen carefully....SLOW DOWN THAT TEXT... Thank you. We HUMANS at NG cannot read text that goes by that fast. Most of it was fine but some important text was just over before we had the time to read it.
5. Why did Zero kill the soliders?? Is there some part of the plot i missed because the TEXT went way to fast. Text speed is very important there bucko.
6. And the movie kinda droped off. I dont know when your gonna finish this ( probably never) because its been months since you submited this. Make the next one longer if there is a next one. If not i'll have a good time blaming it.
7. At the end where you show the cast. Some of the pictures were cut off so it looked like Mega Man had no legs. WTF!!!

And just a side note. Before you leave bad reviews for other flash artist think about your own work. You dont have any room to talk smack. And grow some rank for god sake!!! n00b.

you have been reviewed by Matthew_Ferguson


It's good

There were some of the stuff I couldn't read

Can't wait for the next one!

I think it's really good. Although the introduction was a little slow I think you did just fine for a novice flash artist. As for the size problem, it's not that bad considering the fact that this flash is only a few minutes long.

Hurry up and make that next one!

Too small

I had to right-click and zoom in just to read the speech bubbles, and then I was left dragging the thing from side to side just to see the entire screen. Definitely work on your sizing next time, something at least twice as big.

That aside, it's not bad. I didn't follow Megaman that much, but I like the way this is going. Good job.

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2.66 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2005
12:51 AM EST