Canadian King

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You'll all respect the canadian king... haha... no way man... I'm American.


not very funny

ok I don't really know why Americans are always insulting Canadians I mean.. is it because we're better at Hockey? is it because our Land is bigger? Is it because we are respected and loved by almost every country in the world? sure u guys have a big army and nukes and everything but other than that you guys are alot like us.

P.S WE won the war of 1812

Are you trying to make fun of Canada or something?

Man you should of thought about this before submitting it.
Although, I do admire your dumb sense of humor.
Or your just dumb life.
Canada is pretty much the same as America.
Although, No war, different government system, French/English,
And were not all beer drinkers, or lazy slobs.
America drinks around 3 times more beer than Canada.
Probally because of the population.
No thank yous for this submission!

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stupid movie

An american making fun of the american people.
Just stupid.


I WAS BORN IN WINNIPEG. and its near to USA so yeah watever >.> i hate racist


hmmm, you people complaining about this flash being nationalist or whatever need to calm down. its obviously just meant to be a joke, not a political statement. theres not even an exxagerated canadian accent. chill out fellow reviewers. oh, neway it wasnt that good, it wasnt that bad,but i still wanna rant about these people taking things too seriously. you people r way too anal!

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Jun 21, 2001
3:50 AM EDT
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