Broken Saints CH 22 Act 2

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In this climactic act of the final stretch in the Broken Saints series (and yes, we know that news is going to make a lot of you happy lol), Gabriel preys on the fears of the paralyzed saints aboard his boat. And when a terrifying echo from the past is finally revealed to Shandala, the final horror descends upon them all.



Oh...my...God. Wow. I was literally clinging to my chair. That was amazing. Wow....

Great indeveres to pass a point.

The fuck Burgess? What did Bula do? But of course it was to pass a point, to reawaken Shandalas meaning, but I hope Gabriel gets his ass blown out into chunky bits for that and the other things he has done.

dude i LOve this series but.....

I love this series more than i dislike it but some of the things you do makes me believe that you are some kind of psuedo phsycotic religous nut. I mean come on you FUCKING CRUSIFIED A DAMNED CAT!.... but really inside me i know that was fucking cool.

On Lookalikes

I've finally figured out what was poking at me about these characters.

Oran looks like Piccalo from Dragon Ball Z and Shandala looks like Alice from American McGee's Alice, ^_^;;

also... You killed the Cat? *sob*


This episode is rather horifying.. I mean that in a good way though ;)

I give the graphics a ten because if you go look back at the very first episode and look at this one, you'll see that the graphics improved VERY much.

I give sound a nine because it's great music, it just gets sort of repetitive.

Violence-ten because the dude crucified a cat... *shivers*

Humor-zero, this episode wasn't meant to be funny was it? :P

This is a great series. Keep up the good work

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3.88 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2005
7:51 PM EST