Broken Saints CH 22 Act 2

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In this climactic act of the final stretch in the Broken Saints series (and yes, we know that news is going to make a lot of you happy lol), Gabriel preys on the fears of the paralyzed saints aboard his boat. And when a terrifying echo from the past is finally revealed to Shandala, the final horror descends upon them all.

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Nothing to say...

SPOILER ALERT (had to say this)

Dude... I was happy when i heard the cat lives, in the last part...
This is insane, im shocked.
Does this actually have anything to do with the story?
Or is Gabriel just a total psycho?
Well anyway, on to the next part... I want to see that bastard burn or i wont feel comfortable for the rest of this day.

my god...

Gabriel is a crazy motherfucker! I hope he won't kill them! But also...this series is just beautiful...


what a twisted fuck.


sweet God... this chapter scared me a bit.... the idea of an eyeless crucified cat... never thought of anything like that... this series will chance the way i see the word... beutifully represented... and i'm starting to see the beauty in violence in your flashes.. it's inspiaring.

this series rocks

this seriesis amazing people who dont like dont see the inner workings or truth the give bad reviews it scaes them wha tu poining is also some wha tof a true there eyes are closed to it closed to possiablttes of true the true scares peole this awsome man it makes a lot of sense dont listn bad critcs if i oculd id give u 20 stars great job

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Feb 7, 2005
7:51 PM EST