Undress Her! 2

February 7, 2005 –
February 3, 2012
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An all new girl in this all new erotic Flash video game! Time your button presses and click on "Undress" at the right time to get the girl more naked! This version is a bit more challenging -- the scroller is sped up x2.

PREFACE: The first 'Undress Her' was my very first stab at a Flash game -- it was simple and crude. This is a much more stable (and challenging) sequel. Again, I have to stress that this is only my SECOND Flash game. So don't expect anything astounding -- this is only a learning experience, okay? :) This time around, I figured out how to fix numerous bugs and optimize file sizes. (By the way, the "breast-test" bonus stage is just some coding that's in beta-testing that I'm tossing in for a try-out. [But the scoring system works this time around.]) A HUGE thanks to those who left comments in my last game -- I tried to tweak the game accordingly. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

{*** EDIT: The most common complaint of the first 'Undress Me' was that it was way too easy. Well, I aim to please, but...er, I may've overdone it a bit in this case. :P So if you just want to see the pictures and don't mind spoiling the fun of getting there fair & square -- here's a quick-and-dirty tactic you can use:

Just center your mouse over the scrolling text and rapidly click like crazy. Since "Undress" is usually the first one to scroll down, you can catch it pretty easily this way. If you're still not getting it, just keep re-adjusting the position of your mouse cursor until you find that sweet spot -- a little off-center of the scroller -- where you can literally keep your mouse cursor still and just click rapidly and beat the whole game.

But it certainly raises plenty of ethical questions: Is it truly winning if you have cheated? Does the end justify the means? Dost a man who borroweth -- eh, screw it. Go check out her tits. They're awesome. ***}

*** Update: Tweaked the loading screen and a few graphics.


cool game

i hate this game

make mre like it

I was a very good game but I think it still was a bit too easy.

Oh, this looks so hot I think I'll play it...NEVER!!! It's just another game where the perverts look at a woman's body, tsk, it's just disgusting(and I know this by the title and rating)

this was 2 easy...just find the spot that wins on the first try and click it really fast...
and I agree with you Hotgirl

The only thing is she needs a juicyer pussy and bigger tits.Coming from a girl!

I don't get it.
Where's my score?How do I know if I guessed wrong or not?

plain old sexy i wish she could fuck me up

It was an awesome game, good ideas and u are a pretty good beginner. Keep on trying though cuz there's always room for improvement!

P.S.- I hope u dont mind me givin a cheat, but if you keep clickin, you will always get undress. Just a tip If you really wanna get though (or just see her undress all the way!)

best rack i've seen.

i agree she is HOT!!!

Damn man, she has the most perfect rack. Although not particularly challenging at all, without varying speeds for the scroller, she was one of the hottest models I've seen!


A simple slideshow with a twist, I like this flash because I'm horny fucker, really it's a swell flash, sound was sexy too, with a cool concept, the girl was hot too and had nice ass pussy, userlessbreder fucker and die, but thats another story, also liked the bonus levels, well done sir.

guys, try pressing the PrintScreen repeatedly and it will be easier, EDN

this is a good game but the undress/clothe icon is a little too fast i think you should make another one that has different difficulties (speeds) one slow, one normal and the last one fast.

friggin awesome game but wicked easy make another but make it harder

Both of them are easy as pie I only missed one, other then that its awsome! I completed both of them, make one harder!

Much harder than the first, though not always a good thing lol...

very good.

in response to whoopsie: it's pretty damn hard if you're under the influence.

the game was easy.. if u cant complete it.. u really stink.. great job on this one.. the gal looked great! u deserve the ten! great pictures.. care to share?

I to agree with neohellspawn where did you get those pictures

what is the website u got these pictures at?

a little too fast

needs more levels

it has hot girls but its almost impossible to even finish one girl. and the sound is terrible

There were glitches.Sometimes i hit clothes she got undressed and when i hit undress she got clothes

i say slow the text down just a lil bit!

Too Damn fast!

to difficult really and you cant press forward!

Unique idea, but porn isnt allowed. Whistle blown.

It was pretty decent.


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