weebl parody

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weebl and bob are blessed with a gift from god... i wonder if you can guess what it is.

I hope weebl doesn't hit me too hard for this, if he finds out...



Well it was strange, i mean you had the graphics done well and the voices sounded pretty much on target but the jokes just werent as strong as the original. I like how you were able to throw in a pie into this short though i mean if your going to parody it atleast add in the pie, good job on that point. I thought that the text you used for the "oh i dropped my pie" line was maybe alittle too over the top i would have liked something simpler. Overall it came off to me as a hollow weebl and bob episode.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

LeoZ responds:

fair enough :)

I'm not a particular fan of this movie either, but i got my hands on a weebl and bob flash template and thought "why not?"

Too short, not that funny either.

It could be greatly imroved on. Plus I dont know if it ever occurred to you that some people can be offended by this?

LeoZ responds:

come on jenou, don't be a retard. You've been on newgrounds for over a year, and this is the most offensive thing you've seen? And this coming from a guy who seems to have an obvious penchant for the bunnykill series? Or maybe you're a christian and I have offended you in particular. Maybe I'll make some wise cracks about muslims next time, see how many christians tell me i'm being offensive then. My guess is not many.

Hey Leo

Hahah cursing at god? Personally, I dropped out of hebrew school but it's that guys opinion...darnet...if only there was no such thing as religion, then we could all hug eachother and eat cookies and pie over a campfire...or something like that....Honestly, people don't understand the concept of a Parody!!!! Jesus why must I educate humans! *whips out huge ass dictionary* Okay retards! Parody-A humorous or satirical imitation! See it's a joke! A laugh! Hahaha! Get it! Don't sue! Okay!! Good now didn't we learn something today!!!

LeoZ responds:

my friend mark goes to jew school on saturdays. That's what he calls it btw.

A tad risky (pronounced risqué)

A rather dumb parody of Weebl and Bob, I think. I doubt Mr. Picking would approve. Plus, you lost points for cussing at God, and for omitting the all important play button.

LeoZ responds:

1. I doubt he would give a shit either way
2. Don't get all christian on me
3. While trying to keep this cartoon as close to the proper weebl and bobs as possible, I omitted the play button because they don't have one
4. you are a moron

seriously, why is NG so full full of idiots? It makes me so sad :(

Spot on!!!

I'm on Weebl a lot, and that movie was SPOT ON!

More please ^_^

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3.20 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2005
4:12 PM EST
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