Goth Boy

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This is getting way more views then it deserves, I apologize for that. I'm not responsible for it getting into a collection. GO WATCH POPE FOR A DAY! That is actually good. I know this one here sucks pretty hard. It was sort of an inside joke with me and my two brothers. I don't hate goths. I am a goth for pete's sake! Seriously. It was more a comment on those high school poser kids who flip on a dime to being goth. I guess the song is hard to understand.

I made this with my two brothers. It was Keegan's idea, and Dave wrote/sang the theme song. I animated. This was just for fun, so please enjoy.


this wasnt too good

GOTH RULEZ, but they dont ever, EVER say fuck you for no reason! that's punkers saying fuck you to everyone! ALL WHO OPPOSE THAT DARK SIDE SHALL FADE!!


There was no animation in this at all - the only thing that came close to it, other than the very long tween up to the window, was the incredibly lazy pulling on a cigar - a cigar which seemed to have some stationary smoke attatched to it. The humour is very unoriginal - I've heard all the same Hot Topic jokes, and they don't even have Hot Topic in Britain. The opening song is probably the definitive unfunny song.

The lyp-synching was very smooth, but then again, there was only lip synching for two whole words.

It's amazing that such a short flash could drag on for so long.

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This wasn't funny. It was only funny if you've never seen a Flash movie before in your LIFE. Come on, you couldn't even hear the song. Next time, make the song louder, and give the main character more lines than "Fuck you". Seriously... are you that goth that making good Flash movies is a prep concept? lol I'm funnier than this Flash was, but then so are whale turds.


You win the award for least amount of work put into a Flash piece that didn't get blammed. Doesn't anybody realize all he did was draw a store, a still frame of a guy in drag, and then dub it with 2 lines of voice and a crappy song?

It sucked...

Thanks alot for wasting about 3 minutes of my life!!!!!

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Feb 7, 2005
3:51 AM EST
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