Goth Boy

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This is getting way more views then it deserves, I apologize for that. I'm not responsible for it getting into a collection. GO WATCH POPE FOR A DAY! That is actually good. I know this one here sucks pretty hard. It was sort of an inside joke with me and my two brothers. I don't hate goths. I am a goth for pete's sake! Seriously. It was more a comment on those high school poser kids who flip on a dime to being goth. I guess the song is hard to understand.

I made this with my two brothers. It was Keegan's idea, and Dave wrote/sang the theme song. I animated. This was just for fun, so please enjoy.



The whole intro story was interesting and it kept me listening. Just a tad too short tho... the goth boy had a voice that was a little too deep if you wanted to laugh at him. I was expecting a whiney little poser, but he was just a little too convincing. Good songs.

eh, it's alright.

this was alright, it was short and not extravagant or anything, just a funny little thing. I liked it. I dont understand why some of these people got so pissy over a simple flash. It is exactly what the description says it is. what more did you expect?

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Nice song but...

It was over all kinda stupid...

Well....The beginning Song was kinda Dumb

The opening Song was kind of Generically dumb. However, his advice cracked me up!


It made me giggle.
But there was SO mush you could have done with this.
It seems like you just settled.
I do, on the other hand, LOVE the fact it was a cup of angst at the Angry Coffee.

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Feb 7, 2005
3:51 AM EST
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