Goth Boy

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This is getting way more views then it deserves, I apologize for that. I'm not responsible for it getting into a collection. GO WATCH POPE FOR A DAY! That is actually good. I know this one here sucks pretty hard. It was sort of an inside joke with me and my two brothers. I don't hate goths. I am a goth for pete's sake! Seriously. It was more a comment on those high school poser kids who flip on a dime to being goth. I guess the song is hard to understand.

I made this with my two brothers. It was Keegan's idea, and Dave wrote/sang the theme song. I animated. This was just for fun, so please enjoy.



It's cool, IV'e got the song stuck in my head. Goth Boy seems like a cool kid, but like some other dud said, he seems more emo to me.

Awesome though.


very nice ya'no im a goth to so this vid really expressed gothic animation



its quite nice to see someone
have a laugh about themselves once in a while!

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Fuck you. XD

Another good entry, too bad I didn't catch it earlier. You still need to work on sound quality. It's clear enough to understand, but there's still room for improvement. Instead of just opening with a window zoom with the song playing, having a singer in the coffee shop would have been nice. From the looks of it, the eyeliner was supposed to look bad, as is typical for the "Wah, woe is me, omg Hot Topic!" group.

As shown by your previous work, you've got obvious drawing talent, it just doesn't come out as smoothly in flash. When it comes to fixing that, my only suggestion is practice. <3

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It was okay

It was short, probably wasn't much thought put into it but it was actually funny, well it made me laugh. *Votes 4*

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Feb 7, 2005
3:51 AM EST
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