Goth Boy

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This is getting way more views then it deserves, I apologize for that. I'm not responsible for it getting into a collection. GO WATCH POPE FOR A DAY! That is actually good. I know this one here sucks pretty hard. It was sort of an inside joke with me and my two brothers. I don't hate goths. I am a goth for pete's sake! Seriously. It was more a comment on those high school poser kids who flip on a dime to being goth. I guess the song is hard to understand.

I made this with my two brothers. It was Keegan's idea, and Dave wrote/sang the theme song. I animated. This was just for fun, so please enjoy.



The ending was funny, haha. You actually portrayed goth posers quite nicely. Most of the people I knew that were "goths" actually acted like that. Heh, attention seekers, but anyway, great flash, the end made me laugh.


D: Kay well, it was neat. :3


why does everyone make goths look like bad people?
half my friends are goths, n i'm a goth aswell, we don't do shit to anyone (cept certain chavs). Maybe you should make something with a lil more style, instead of a hate flash

Not bad

I enjoyed watching this flash. St0ned_Hippie did have a point...but the off-time records only added to it...and he ought to learn to spell before he talks so much shit about a person's work...
I would like to see more of your work.
Oh and I dig the opening theme, nice work!


Not bad thought he was cool but seriously did you just make like a one shot 20 sec recording of yourself trying to sing into a computer mic? I could fucking here your voice being mixed n shit and then when it was over you could here you get up and move around....LEARN TO FUCKING CUT AUDIO STREAMS BEFORE YOU MAKE A SOUNDED FLASH!!! jackass.

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Feb 7, 2005
3:51 AM EST
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