Mortal Kombat Kamidogu

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This is a joint project between ]{0MBAT and Bezo, and it's a parody of Mortal Kombat Deception's Konquest mode, which is about Shujinko's search for the Kamidogu.


where do u come up wit all this funny shit!

keep up everything ur doin im lovin all of ur stuff!! well i have nothin else 2 say so ima bout 2 watch ur next movie.

tabmok99 responds:

Heh, glad you like this. :) Me and Bezo will never run out of ideas, we've been MK fans for a long time so the ideas keep building up and up :) Enjoy the rest of the series!

this is great

woohaaaw woo haaaw im on my way to the next, good stuff yo!!!!!

tabmok99 responds:

Hey, glad you like it, we've got seven in all so that (and all the special features we started introducing around ep. 3) should keep you busy for a while :)


funny movie....ahh...it makes me wanna play deception again...konqest was a fun game!

tabmok99 responds:

Konquest was definitely a fun game, and every time I play it I get inspired to do some more on this series :D Glad you like it!

What the hell

That really had no point or anything to do with MK at all,the quality was shitty and the plot pretty much sucked,better luck next time. :(

tabmok99 responds:

Maybe you're just not a big MK fan. Have you even played MK Deception? It was the very last MK that came out, and I don't see how you could NOT know about Shujinko/Damashi/etc. if you've played it. (From your response, where you said it has nothing to do with MK, obviously you aren't familiar with MK Deception at all). If you were, you might've appreciated the parody a lot more.


you could have done better, the cartoon should go on with that huge plot that was just explained. (just saying the cartoon should be longer) you defintely needed to put more effort and humor into that flah.

tabmok99 responds:

Uh - It DOES go on to explain that huge plot. In future episodes. There are six episodes out now, with a seventh on its way.

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Feb 6, 2005
11:44 PM EST
Comedy - Parody