Simpsons Home Inter. V2

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The Simpsons Home Interactive Version 2. The first announcment I would like to make is that some people said that version1 of this game was stolen from a game called "Virtual Springfield". I Have never heard of that game up until this point. If someone can send me a link where I might be able to download the game that would be great because I want to compare mine to the game. Anyway I am sorry to say that I do not have a mini game because it got corrupted. However, I have added character profiles and a funny soundboard which you should all enjoy. This Version was made in less than 24 hours! Thats a new record for me. Well enjoy and remember this!! ITS THE MAIN FEATURE THAT COUNTS (the house) NOT THE SOUNDBOARD AND VIRTUAL PIANO N STUFF! So Enjoy and leave many reviews!




There are 4 reasons
1. The simpsons was not home!!!!!!!cores are every
2. no music (even though my sound was on loud)!!!!
3. Piano notes wrong!!!!!!!!d
4. And Finaliy There was 5 pepole on soundboard!!!!!!!!

Plz edit this low scores are everywere!!!!!!!!!!!

Its pretty good, lol

Most people would hate this game, but like it, and u did the simpsons home very good, great actually!! it looks pretty much exactly like it(i know,i have the simposns game, and in that game, u go through the whole home). its not that bad is all im saying

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This is disappointing...

I played your most recent version, and even THAT was boring. I can see why now you made more versions of this, but come ON... there's nothing fun to do! And worse yet, you have the exact same soundboards! How dull!

what the hell?

i saw several things wrong with this flash.

1. the game was boring
2.the piano notes are completly screwed up not even in correct order
3.theres only like 5 things per person on the soundboard
4. it just sucked

no offense but try again

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2.45 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2005
1:44 PM EST
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