LF2:A Hunter's Quest Ch.3

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Highly recommended to viewers to watch the 1st and 2nd movie in this series if you haven't yet. You wouldn't understand what's going on if you don't. This movie is sponsored by the LF2 Alpha Crew. Thank you and enjoy.


Erm... okay.

This was okay. What made this a little boring was the shortness of fights. Your fights are obviously short because you want to concentrating on the story more, but you got to balance the story and fights. Also I see that your compression of your sprites are wrong, or maybe it's your music, but because of the size, you are not able to make your movies long and enjoyable. I likes how you made the setting of the city, the ring to the alley where Chase and Woody meets. Unfortunetly, it wasn't made correctly, as you can obviously see sprites cut in half. Your sprite characters also has flaqs, like black blobs on Woody's hair, perhaps you should take your time recutitng some of them, to give it a more "real" feeling. Overall you should start out simple and easy (hey that's how we all started), and maybe you should not rush your story, I know how tempting it is.

PyronX responds:

Thanks MaxR. Your words are very insightful, and I'll take them to heart. Thanks again and keep and doing what your doing

I loved it!

This is one of the best Nintendo looking thingy's I've ever seen dude! Keep up the good work! YOU ROCK! This made me happy after doing this shit claymation that had too little frames, and it was gonna rock too!

Not bad

The filesize was pretty big for such a short fight scene though. (I still have to watch the first two, so I'm gonna do that now).

PyronX responds:

Well if you're looking for a fight scene then stay tuned for the 4th movie "The Fall of Great City". The will be plenty of fighting

Not Bad

Not bad, can see potential. Music good, but a bit misplaced.

The next one I'm sure will be great

PyronX responds:

HydrixZ i appreiate the effort, but you can't review your own movies lol

Eh, whatever

It was animated alright, despite being always being from the same angle all the time, but I guess that's what you get when you use sprites. I like the way you establish characters, you really showed the kind of person Woody is. However the overall storyline was pretty stock, and that detracted from the entertainment value. Alright job man.

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3.80 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2005
11:42 PM EST
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