HL2 Comic - Chapter 1

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Thanks to Gary's mod for the modification, there is no way I could've made this without it! Also thanks to PlastiqueJam for the great jaz music. There will be more, I'm hoping to start a series of them, but only if this one does well!


wtf is this shit?

This was dildos.
You should have learned the basic controls for gMod so I don't have to see the player's gun every other screenshot. Also, the poses were over-exadurated and the whole thing made not sense. The music was unfitting, too.
The Game.


This is good.
PS:use the proper names please.Jimbo=barney Trish=alyx mary,mossman.

Dude, this isn't Flash.

Maybe it would be better if you worked on the poses more, or made sure to use the camera gun and not the screenshot key. Even making the panels fade, or slide, or something would have make this worthy of a Flash archive, but now it's just a bunch of msPainted screenshots, might as well be a gif animation.

ramsy66 responds:

I used fraps to take the screenshots, I don't know where the pictures go when you take them using the camera


Awesome! Is that a new garys mod because i dont remember createing explosions and falling trees?

I have 5.0 i think

ramsy66 responds:

Hold q and press one of the buttons to spawn the tree and effects like the explosion

im speechless

Wow, that was bad. Even if it was in animation, the "story" it told was equal to that of a kindergarden story time book. And the music was horrible. Sorry, but you should stop making "movies" or whatever you called that. bye

ramsy66 responds:

I'm happy your speechless, but I ain't gunna stop making movies. I might even just keep making them to annoy you ;)

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2.44 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2005
12:24 PM EST
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