Final Fantasy Day Care 1

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**2/6/05** Wow Daily Feature and Front Page!! thanks everyone!
**4/5/05** not only is it my birthday but today i found out that this episode was ranked #24 out of the many submissions that were nominated for the monthly top 5

- You WILL find out why its is called FF Day Care in later episodes and this has NOTHING to do with 8-bit -
What do you get when you combine a heist and Final Fantasy? Complete crazyness! This is the first episodes of the series of Final Fantasy Day Care. This is just a taste of what is to come on the next episode. Enjoy.



Well that was a good opening if ur planning 2 or more episodes but if it was a 1 out of 2 then im sorry to say it was pretty empty, however your very talented with graphics so im hoping to see you make more in the future, be it this series continued *hopes* or anything else.

that sucked

for such a great opening with such good graphics the jokes were just stupid and they repeated themselves all the time. think of something actually good next time before your talents with graphics go to waste

Nice try, but...

I don't know how this got front page, i've seen better stuff in the portal that have gotten blammed. The voices sound like a bunch of stoned ten year olds talking into a microphone and the jokes were pourly executed, but the graphics were pretty good. Try to improuve for the next one


This.. was really really boring. The execution was so slow and the jokes were so bland and easy to see coming that I stopped watching it little more than half-way through.

You do, however, get points for doing your own artwork.

The fighter's voice was horrible

You couldn't have got someone without any spicy ethnic background to do the co-star's voice? Don't get me wrong, i believe in equal rights. But equal rights for everyone who can talk without being mistaken for a retard. If your accent makes everyone think, "why isn't he cleaning my bathroom?" then stop acting in flash movies. Otherwise, that sucked! The animation was the only thing going for it. But the story wasn't there, neither was the humour, and the audio was... off at best.

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4.11 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2005
11:11 PM EST
Comedy - Parody