Final Fantasy Day Care 1

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**2/6/05** Wow Daily Feature and Front Page!! thanks everyone!
**4/5/05** not only is it my birthday but today i found out that this episode was ranked #24 out of the many submissions that were nominated for the monthly top 5

- You WILL find out why its is called FF Day Care in later episodes and this has NOTHING to do with 8-bit -
What do you get when you combine a heist and Final Fantasy? Complete crazyness! This is the first episodes of the series of Final Fantasy Day Care. This is just a taste of what is to come on the next episode. Enjoy.


*le sigh*

okay, i give you credit for trying something new with a classic, but it just doesnt work for me. maybe im just crazy and have no sense of humor (rolls eyes at that prospect), but i didnt find this the least bit humorous. the cursing didnt help matters either, its just not my kind of funny when i see a classic character made into a guy whos vocab doesnt span past f***. now im not saying "all you did was cuss and it was a stupid movie" because you show talent as a flash artist. im just saying its not my type of final fantasy parody. good luck on your future products in this series, and congrats if you are able to continue pleasing those who like this first installment and those to come (since many series fall out after a while).

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So F'n Funny! can't wait for the next on!!!!


This really doesn't have too much new or interesting. graphics good, but animation movement and such bad, voice acting pretty dumb and possible ideas stolen (I.E. fighter's stupidity....maybe) try to do better, and i thought daycare meant something about Daycare!

DeuceNine responds:

yes i stole stupidity...very possible. and i know youre refering to the 8-bit theater characters but i said in the authors comments "THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH 8-BIT"!!!!

man this was one crazy film!

man if anyone ever gets stoned plz watch this movie


Really not funny. Animation was good but I just could get over the awful dialog. The people doing the voices sounded like they were reading it off of a paper of something but yet sounded like they could remember their lines. Heh. Everything else seemed cool just work on the jokes and dialog. BTW, Nice selection of the Integra Type R.

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4.11 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2005
11:11 PM EST
Comedy - Parody