Bush's mini-nukes

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Bush's mini-nukes



Your fucking stupid, and all of the other people who make fun of Bush....Just accept that he is our fucking president.. I hope you go to hell you fucking democrat son of a bitch.

Nuclear Bunker Busters are REAL

These weapons have not yet been used, or fully developed. But the point of this flash is to demonstrate that the Bush Administration has made efforts to develop nuclear weapons in an age where we are INVADING countries to removed WMDs. Thanks America.

Way to Go, friend!

The sad part is, Bush doesn't even need the new nuclear bunker busters. He already has the MOAB, a conventional bomb that can evade all WMD treaties, but one that is also capable of equalling the damage done by Fat Man and Little Boy.

BTW... be careful. I read on the site that you aren't actually affiliated with them, but they approve. Just be careful to give credit where credit is due. Getting the message through is great, but credibility is necessary too.


first off, bunker busters are not nuclear. they are meerly highly explosive, but has no nuclear effects. your wrong.. very wrong. im sorry you lose.

as for the film itself,
graphics- ...there wasnt much to it.. just pictures...
style- ive seen stuff like this befor, not to original.
sound- music was ok...
violence- nuke! yay
interactivity- ...nope
humor- ... wasnt laughing at all

overall you get a 1 for being wrong. hahaha

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talk about a bush basher

wow, what the fuck would you need a nuke for to clear out a bunker? last time i checked, thats what ACTUAL bunker buster bombs were for....fucking dumbass

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