Bush's mini-nukes

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Bush's mini-nukes


A Must See...If only to make fun of Bush

This is really informative, and really creative. I've seen plenty of flashes created to deride Bush but this is the second one I've seen that really gets the message through. Your work shows promise, and I would like to see you tackle some of the other world issues...

not bad for a flash

I'll give you a hand, it is very nicely put together, but i have to agree with zenbunny that these weapons would be of much better use than the current nuclear stockpile which would do so much more devastation. But the thing that you focused on was the use of them rather than as a deterrent. Also, if you think that only 1 world leader is looking for more nuclear weapons, than i think you should double check your facts. I just happen to respectfully disagree with your reasoning, but i will say very nicely done.

your films are ok

But what I find more ammusing is watching all the republicans get upset and say how stupid the film is. Angry republicans make me laugh. Keep up the work, you are making progress.


god fucking damn dude i swear u have no friends, ur such a bitcher quit fuckin bitchin he'll be out of office soon

will you just stop?

No one really cares. You may get some liberals all reiled-up & some conservfitaves kind-of stewed, but 4 hours later, they'll be watching porn & they'll forget the whole thing. You change no one's mind, you just make yourself look more stupid than you already have. Also, you need to come up with your own flash, not just stealing them from annother site & taking credit for someone else's work. As far as what margarine says, that quote you reffer to was "it's fun to shoot some people" & also keep in mind, that the one who said this, 3-star marine general James Mattis & he has been in combat & seen the hell of war, so, with all due respect, margarine, I think he would know better if it's fun to shoot people than you or I would, but, just for the record, while I own a gun, I don't believe it's fun to shoot people either. I simply believe that he, who has been in combat for a long time & has put his life on the line for the US every day of that combat would know better about that combat than us. As far as "mini-nukes" go, they are defined as "small nuclear weapons designed to penetrate deep into earth and destroy underground bunkers. The idea is that a nuclear weapon would penetrate so deep that its explosion would be contained & there would be no fallout." they are simply annother type of bomb, only this one penetrates the ground & gets underground bunkers, wepons caches, & tunnels. so, you exaggerate the mini-nukes.

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Feb 4, 2005
5:58 PM EST
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