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Not an original game idea, but my take on it ( with a star trek twist )


Good game, kind of difficult for myself

It has excellent presentation. Good graphics, decent sound (nothing that would remove from the gameplay, stays in the background).

Personally I haven't seen this type of game before, so it's good that you introduced something new.

Actually playing the game proved kind of difficult for me. Others might fare better. As is common in a lot of games, there seems to be alot of randomness in the gameplay. This requires the User to have patience, which I feel may not be something alot of people would have. For this, I would recommened that the Author implenting some logic to the ships movement. If a ship is so close to an allied ship, their state can change to 'PASSING', where they would alter there turning radius so the ships would pass. After the ships pass or at least pass the orginal comrade's ship the state could be switched back to 'RANDOM'. On a higher difficulty the distance for changing states might be much greater. Just a thought.

The concept of using the mouse to circle around the enemies was awkward on my wrist, again others may do very well with this. Although it would take away from the orginality (as I've seen this done before), allow the player to use the arrow keys to fly the cursor (or a neutral ship) around the screen. Up = Forward, Down = Laying the 'Line'.

Any case you did a very good job. It is a complete game with a unique concept.

Not bad, but...

Most of the graphics seemed to just rip off Star Trek somehow. It looked like you had Defiants, Excelsiors, and even Sovereign class ships in there. Why not go original?

Also if you didn't get the lines exactly together, the bubble wouldn't form. Annoying.

Awesome game.

This is really a fun game. I don't care too much that it isn't an original idea, because you pulled it off extremely well. It is a lot of fun to play.

good game

But i saw a similar game on Orisinal\com
nevertheless nice one

Neat idea

Although sometimes it's really tricky to merge those ships. Either way it's a fun game.

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3.63 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2005
8:27 AM EST
Skill - Collect