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In The Abyss all are doomed. Komjo is one of the creatures envolved in a morbid cicle. My world...
Based on one of Dave Firth character!
More Abyss will come!
Warning: This is not a dave firth tribute, this is a continuation of his character in his enviroment, this is not an atempt to copy or steal his work!


To much like salad fingers.

A lot of that movie is just a try hard attempt at the kind of abstract that is salad fingers.

A thought-

Antithinker's commentary usually is in tone with my own. In this instance I could not agree more. It's obvious influence by Firth's Salad Finger's series is more than self evident. However, I'm willing to add that it's a unique voice that you're giving us. This is a postmodern tribute if anything to Salad Fingers and Firth- a "fan-fic" of the universe he's created. This is just yet one more piece in the growing films inspired by that original series and I dare say it sparks a new genre for NG.
Use of of sound was excellent, though the arm on a meat hook I felt was a tad cheesy as was the "octopi" in the parrots cage.
A recalcitrant note would be the irony in having an exit sign in Komjo's den. Sartre's No Exit is about people refusing to look into how other people see them much less break their internal, idealized view. Thus the line, "Hell is other people." In this instance, you've created a plausible counter view- the terrible beast which hides it's true nature beneath imagined camo- the equivalent ot the modern sociopathic serial killer...idealized in literature by Hannible Lecter and Q_P (see: Joyce Carol Oates, Zombie).
Et Al, congrats on a successful film, well done. The animation was clear, solid and smooth- pacing was perfect. Excellent use of subdued tones and sharp contrasting lines- a greater definition to the animation style, a note worthy difference between your work and that of Firth. Komjo Kudus.

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DNR responds:

U my fellow animator saw it like it was...
dave firth surely inspired me and will inspire a new wave of movies here, i experimented and i liked it, but gave it my view, and what about the Hannibal Lecter, it was also inspired on that and its great to know that someone could point it out, thanks for the comment.
sincerely Hortals

Great, but it'll only cause problems for you.

I hope you read this, I am putting oodles of thought into it (fourteen fucking oodles to be exact). Anyways here is the bad first.
---The Bad is it would appear that you have changed your style to match David Firths. I liked O Tamboril, and I beleive you are one of the better New Authors/Animators on this site, but this is just too much Dave Firth for one person. If its a parody, this would work wonderfully. If its a fanart peice, this would work wonderfully. But sir, it is neither. It is your take on one of his characters, and without this being a fanwork or parody, then you are stealing.
---The Good, because this is more Good than bad, is that you have managed to turn one of his characters who would likely have never been seen again by his animating fingers, was turned into a badass freak I'd like to see more of now. I like how you touched on his house, on his cage, and his oozy ickiness that reveals that his icky boy face isnt actually his face. The skinned dog made me smile and you have a great sense of talent working up on yourself, with many great animations made (and I hope many more great to come), but sir, there is no way people will get over that this is NOT your character ,and to be fair, I couldnt see it as one. My advice, in all honesty, is to say that this animation is a Fanwork paying Homage to Salad Fingers 4, otherwise it will only cause controversy and icky nasty feelings that will turn some of your potential fans away.

But my god, a fucking hand on a meat hook? Thats genious all in its own. I most definately seek a sequel, sir. None the less, accidently ripped off or not, this is a favorite worth seeing again and again.

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DNR responds:

first i would like to say thanks, for a constructive comment, that is rare, and for taking the time to pointing me were i was right or wrong, but i'm not looking for that i know what i did and i'm glad with my work, some get it some dont.
I like salad fingers and i specially liked the creature i "copied", i only wanted to give life to that particular character, in sum, because of the bad comments i receaved of rip offs i will continue to make more like this! hope u see it.
sincerely Hortals


if this was a competition of who could rip off David Firth (Doki) the best, you would win hands down. come up with an origional idea next time. this is actually really well done, but you just ripped off another guy's style. it would be like if you did a claymation with blue clay guys or something. good attempt though. if this were a homage to david firth, it would be awesome.


That was umm... kinda ah... disturbing, to say the least. How do people think up these kinda things, was it a nightmare you had or something man?

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Feb 3, 2005
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