Quantum Foam

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Catch the good quarks with Schrodinger. Watch out for the Bad ones. How big a HighScore can you get ? Sorry but the Highscore record on it will not record across domains . You can try it at its home domain located in the credits or rules.



dont know if anyone else found this, but while playing i got really big and the red quarks stopped hurting me. i got so big i couldnt see the screen anymore and the game wouldnt end.

Damn that shit was tight.

While there may be a bug, its a rarity. Its never happened to me and others are not complaining. This game is the shit.

simple and fun

pretty well done.
however, is it just me or the last page of the help section gives the wrong impression?
the special/evil quark colors dont correspond to the right hand side of the information. i had the impression that the red quark was the one giving the advantages.

Interesting, and worth playing, however..

However.. There was 1 thing that ticked me off and had me stop playing entirely. After having lost "3" lives, not "9", lost "3", I got the game over message. What's up with that? I was walking around after loosing "3" lives, and then all of a sudden "game over." So I susspect not being bug-free, and a big bug like that turns me off from continuing to play, sorry.

lol fun fun..

..very addicting lol but loads of fun.

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3.80 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2005
2:06 PM EST
Skill - Collect