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Kupa's Comics: Passport

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I wanted to make this strip because I thought it was kinda funny and I thought of it a long time ago, but didn't know what to use it on. It didn't turn out quite the same. I forgot a little ending bit, but It'd have probably been more harm than help. Anyway, enjoy!

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I laughed out loud with head phones on at work because that is funny. Good work I am watching all your stuff now.


This movie is ttl kick ass! Like all of the ones i have so far watched!

- Phildalf :-)

Grrr....must hit.....

AHAHAHAHHAHA....i admit theres a lot of times i wanted to do that to ppl...when they just dont get it.

and theres at least a couple of ppl thatd b so satisfyin to do that to.

good job man

Could have had more to it.

The setup was interesting, and the result was unexpected for me. However, it could have been much more amusing if some short payoff had been added at the end. Perhaps the doorman-type dude could have then turned to another and said 'didn't have his passport', to which the other might say 'again? Fucking idiots. [pause] what are they thinking?'

Or something like that.

It did make me chuckle. There's no denying that. I just feel that it could have used more of an 'ending'.

Also, maybe 2 seconds used as an establishing shot to give it some sense in reality? We have no idea where he is, or what he's doing, and knowing he was in the middle of a busy street just attempting to walk past a guy could add to the hilarity.

Nice animation though and the sound effects were.... brutal.

Also, at least you don't put on a load of excess padding, such as a stupidly long intro or such as some folk do.

KupaMan responds:

Thank you for reviewing. I had plans for a leass crappy ending, but I decided against it as it would be tim consuming and effortful for such a corner cutting man as myself. To be honest, I don't really know where I had them at. A lot of people think they're in an airport, but that's the only place it wouldn't be. I just tossed on a background of brick so it wouldn't be bland and white. Don't think too much into this. I didn't. A change in perpective on videos such as this make it seem like it's a bigger, better video than it truly is. I didn't want to brain wash people with fancy shmancy camera angles. And, again; I am a very procrastinative and lazy person. I won't even take the time to check and see if procrastinative is even a word by simply dropping it in the Google box in the corner. I'm glad I made you chuckle as this was its only purpose. I don't really think this should have won anything, but I don't complain about the food I'm given. I like food. I really like chocolate and pasteries. Mmm... I really like donuts. Soft ones like Krispy Kremes. I love those. They're like liquidy goodness pouring down your throat topped off with gooie delicious glazing on top. It reminds me of the Van Wilder donuts... and now I'll never eat a Krispy Kreme again. Thanks a lot, asshole!


Gore and senseless violence...thats my kinda comic

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Feb 2, 2005
10:09 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place February 4, 2005