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Eatin' Toast

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A man wants to make toast with an unwilling toaster! Oh no! This isnt very long so dont expect something long!

If you're going to leave a bad review tell me what you didnt like about it instead of just THAT WAS TEH SUXXORZ NEVAR MAKE ONE AGAIN HURR HURR!!!112345
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i dont know if this is good or bad its really weird

What a shameful toaster.

Toasters should be willing to serve The Master!

Favorite Animations Est 2006

I Dont Get Why Some People Hate It


thumbs down

Workin progress

Your idea was a good. Maybe if you would have did something funny like the toaster flip out on him or the toaster beat him up. Maybe come out with another part when the toaster get revenge on him, and alitle longer as well. I love the graphics and also the voices. I give you a 7/10.