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In memory of M.L.K.

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Feb 2, 2005 | 2:38 PM EST

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In memory of Martin Luther King



Rated 5 / 5 stars

May Martin Luther King Jr. Rest in Peace...

I would like to say, I have the first for most respect for Martin Luther King Jr. This flash, I believe brings his beliefs to the forfront and into our faces. The ignorant can ignore what is happening around them, but I will not! The Ignorant safety blanket that envelops this nation needs to fall.

Bushflash, keep up the good works.


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I will answer all your questions

epyon2142, if we sent ateam in there to kil Saddam, we would be acting like terrorist, how would Iraq recober when there long time dictator is dead? His sons would have become dictators. It's no that hard to see who did it, so Iraq would have been more than happy to retaliate on us.

SilasTheWeird, 90% of fags as you call them vote Democrat, so they are the real "fags".

And to Bushflash. You've dome many sick things, but how dare you sully Martin Luther King Jr's name? You trully are a decieving man who wants more attention than should be given.


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Good ol' MLK.

ALL CONservatives are racist FAGS!

Trent Lott, Strom Thurmond, DICKHEAD Cheney......the list goes on.


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To Sarek

"War is hell, & no one likes it, but it is nessesarry from time to time, 911 made that clear & I am in absolute awe that you, as intelligent human-beings can forget 911 so easilly."

Your forgetting something here. While Saddam needed to be removed, he WAS NOT a part of attacks on the United States. Granted Saddam was a threat who offered out $10,000 US Dollars to the families of suicide bombers, it doesn't warrant an attack on a nation. If the only real reason for attacking Iraq wasn't to take the nations oil, and was to remove Saddam, why not send in an infiltration team and just kill him? So, if you really are an " intelligent human-being ", why are you trying to justify an attack on a nation that had nothing to do with the terrorist organization that attacked the US, but bringing up the attacks on the US. If Bush were really intrested in the security of the US, we would be going after Hamas, which is based mainly in Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. I'm positive that if North Korea had oil, we'd be there right now.

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ok, a few items...

1. Martin Luther King was a great man, but still a man. No different from you or I. All you offer is mis-represented quotes of a man who is no longer on earth to clarify his words.
2. Dr. King fought for equal rights, & in result, The Civil Rights bill was put through the US House Of Representitaves & Senate. 84% of congressional republicans approved the Bill's passing & 56% of democrats voted to reject it. Your argument holds no value in light of this evidence.
3. US involvment in Vietnam was brought about by JFK through he incident at the Gulf of Tonkin. Our purpose in Vietnam was to stop the spread of Communism & help a revolution take place, but because of Liberal protests, we were forced to withdraw & South Vietna fell to Communism & 58,000 soldiers died in vain. Vietnam showed no agression tward the US untill we involved ourselves in their conflict.
4. Iraq, on the other hand, has called for attacks on the US many times & their human rights abuses dwarfed Vietnam.
5. In Vietnam, LBJ Re-instated a military draft, & many of our soldiers were fighting against their will. Today, In Iraq, our military is an all-volunteer force, who voted for Bush for re-election at 72%
Vietnam was a quagmire & Iraq has had many major accomplishments &, in my oppinion, we have reached a period where it has become more of a police action, in rounding up the insurgents as common criminals, not fighting a uniformed & organised army. In Vietnam, it was the other way around.
War is hell, & no one likes it, but it is nessesarry from time to time, 911 made that clear & I am in absolute awe that you, as intelligent human-beings can forget 911 so easilly.
You get a 0 for descrating the memory of a great man with your liberal propaganda & mis-quoting this nation's greatest civil-rights activist.
0/5 0/10
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