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This top-secret file was obtained not long ago and it is believed to be what Alistair Campbell is using to write Tony Blair's speeches. It is a very serious matter that has been published for the good of the people and for truth.



oh, gimme a break!

Atrocity? the only atrocity I see here is posting this BS on NG. This is not funny, you bashing at Tony Blair simply because he supports President Bush on Iraq, as any intelligent human being should. Mr. Blair has been a strong Labour Party leader, & has kept close ties of friendship to the US, & if you can't stand that, then tell Blair that, not NG. For lack of any truth on a political basis & for a complete lack of humor, I give this a zero, which is more than it deserves.
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EON responds:

I would just like to point out that the pre-"recorded" speech in the intro was the only part that was remotely against Blair. The wonder about things like this is that you can do what you want with it - for OR against him, hence the wide range of different phrases.
And btw, no one in their right mind would have supported the war in Iraq, let alone VOTE for George Bush, which no doubt YOU did...

I like Tony Blair.

I like Tony Blair bitch so i gave you a zero. If this was a bush bashing game i would have given a much higher score.

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