Broken Saints CH 22 ACT 1

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WARNING - This first Act of Chapter 22 is 20 MINUTES long, and contains a detailed recap of the previous chapters in the series. It's a good place for noobs to start, but it's also mainly talky-talky. Yet, if you want to get pounded with Act 2 - perhaps the darkest moment in Broken Saints - you need to watch this.

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Suspense. Well done.

Haha... I knew it.

Come on... a handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes appears out of nowhere to help a mysterious white-haired beautiful girl with secret powers? The guy is ALWAYS an evil person from her past who turns on them at the end.

A little annoyed with another cliche, but that's alright. I loved this. The whole "last supper" reference was great! Wine and bread at the table and then suddenly the guy betrays them? Genious.

That's what I love about this series. All the references and stuff. Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz, the Bible, basic anime' storylines and a plethora of other works... Combine them all with brains and outstanding artistic talent and you have yourself a KICK-ASS plotline and an inspiring tale. You guys are my heros.

Builds up.

Whoa, this annoying Gabriel... I didn't like him since his introduction ;) But how a son of a most powerful man on earth couldn't be evil? ;)
After all, he represents all the White people who came to the all places like Shandala's home... And forged our world with blood, iron, betrayal and the unimaginable suffering of the other races.

lol, you could tell that Gabriel was evil..

By the way he looked, what he said, and the music. (well sorta) Anyways, I'm gonna see what happens next.


Again with the opening parody, thats good. For the first half of the this show, I was asking myself where is Bula, well shes safe...
And what is happening to Shandala? Goddamn Gabriel!

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Feb 2, 2005
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