Barge of a 1000 Bullets 2

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The conclusion to the smash hit Barge of a 1000 Bullets. Mario changes the mushroom kingdom with his own blood. Check out the extra Planet of the Apes ending in "scenes" section.

The cartoon didn't make sense? Read below in a NG Review exclusive!

Reviewed by: Divin
"When mario gets shot, this is the first time in video game history that mario has ever actually bleeded and due to his original nature (as a human before accidently going into a pipe to videogame land where he transformed into a sprite), it transforms him back to his original form as a human. This is transformation No. 1.
When Bowser is choking the human mario, the massive amounts of blood lost by human mario transforms the whole video game into a human world (hence the hand drawn toads at the end indicating THEY are NOW human)...
So instead of 2 different worlds, one sprite, and one human... mario has changed the course of history and changed them both into real worlds... This could possibly lead to repercussions in the normal real world kind of like interdimensional parrallels...Thus, it would make sense for mario's change from a sprite to a hand drawn character...Or... he only did it in one day..."

"Randy Solem says vote 0 but I'm not gonna listen to that loser.He needs to get a fucking reality check." Reviewed by: Red_Genocyber.



Well, above many...many...many things I do want to point out one thing that many new animators seem to forget;

when a person is walking, it is their opposite arm that follows the leg
walks with your right foot, your right hand comes forward,not the left

In the scene of Mario walking after discovering his arm was miraculously recovered, see what I mean

Absolutely Speechless

WOW..., now thats a true MArio Parody. Better than what I've seen from Randy so far. Lets see how his ROMK4 well do..., he may take extra time now to try and get it to be as nice as this one. anyways good job dude

Awesome Flash!

This flash was brilliant, the idea was original and the sprite work at the begining and on part 1 surpassed ROTMK in a loooooong way. I can see what your try to do to a certain person and believe me i'm behind you all the way! ;)

Umm... Wow... (Afraid that's not a good wow...)

Well... Where to begin? I really don't like to begin any of my reviews with the flaws of a flash... I really liked the original. I'm not much of a sprite fan but even I enjoyed the prequel. When I saw a drawn Mario I thought "Wow, this will be even cooler." I was terribly mistaken. For starters, the hand drawn mario seemed to just be tweened most of the time, giving him an even stiffer and more limited range of motion than a sprite. It was very distracting having the hand drawn mario surrounded by sprites and such. It could have just been me, but I really felt it clashed. More than anything what bothered me about this flash was the terrible screaming and the sound of guitars being drug along the ground behind cars (I'm assuming no one would write songs THAT bad) that accompanied every action scene. On second thought, every scene period. As my dissappointment reached its peak and I closed the window (I admit, I watched up to the point that mario had bowsers head strapped to his back and couldn't take any more) I read your authors comments... Wow. That was the final nail in the coffin. Human mario was turned into a sprite? Where did you draw this bs from? Yeah mario was sucked into the mushroom kingdom and all that great stuff but as the story goes he wasn't magically "turned into a pixel person" or something. After reading those comments i realized you were off your rocker and my dissappointment turned to pity. Uninstall flash please.


this was so cool im going to copy it with the cops (just kidding about copying it)

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2005
12:51 AM EST