Barge of a 1000 Bullets 2

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The conclusion to the smash hit Barge of a 1000 Bullets. Mario changes the mushroom kingdom with his own blood. Check out the extra Planet of the Apes ending in "scenes" section.

The cartoon didn't make sense? Read below in a NG Review exclusive!

Reviewed by: Divin
"When mario gets shot, this is the first time in video game history that mario has ever actually bleeded and due to his original nature (as a human before accidently going into a pipe to videogame land where he transformed into a sprite), it transforms him back to his original form as a human. This is transformation No. 1.
When Bowser is choking the human mario, the massive amounts of blood lost by human mario transforms the whole video game into a human world (hence the hand drawn toads at the end indicating THEY are NOW human)...
So instead of 2 different worlds, one sprite, and one human... mario has changed the course of history and changed them both into real worlds... This could possibly lead to repercussions in the normal real world kind of like interdimensional parrallels...Thus, it would make sense for mario's change from a sprite to a hand drawn character...Or... he only did it in one day..."

"Randy Solem says vote 0 but I'm not gonna listen to that loser.He needs to get a fucking reality check." Reviewed by: Red_Genocyber.


E for effort!

Well this SUCKED so bad! Let's just say that you are not very good at making sequels (unlike Randy!). Or better yet, let's just say that your not good at all. Then everyone's happy!


Unfortunately it needed a more gradual shift to alieviate confusion as why mario suddenly became real and not a sprite. A simple shape tween would have done NICELY.

I didn't like it. Others do.

Even after 2 views, I still don't understand most of it. Mario's transformation, the dude with the bowser mask Mario originally shoots at underground, the way the way Mario somehow manages to pull through the world turning real whilst Boswer doesn't...

I'm lead to assume the reviewer spoke the truth, but still... that doesn't explain everything and it's still a bit too confusing for me...

Maybe stuff could be explained a bit better somehow?

I found the alternate scenes mildly amusingand the graphics for the most part were excellent. Here's a few nitpicks though:

Bowser's arm looks dodgy at the start as Mario bursts through the door.

So do the arms of the turtles.

Some of the guns look really incongruous, looking as if they were drawn using the line tool and fills and not really fitting in with the sprites that wel I think.

As Mario jumped down the pipe, your skewing of the sprite to simulate it being at an angle just made it look horrible.

Overall: a nice production with a lot of effort put into it. I'd like to like this but... ah, you've got enough fans anyway. You've got your fame.

I didn't enjoy it, but others did. Different strokes and all that jazz.

Excellent work

I believe that may have been the best videogame flash I have ever seen. With the exception of perhaps Megaman vs. Quickman I have never seen such a human interpretation of a videogame. It's so very refreshing to see someone take an old tired genre (sprite) and, as the cliche goes, breathe some new life into it. I am viewing this as part of my obligations for the top Flash movies of February and so far you are a frontrunner. My only request is that you do not make another sequel. Too many sequel so often rule the majesty of the original. This flash ended where it was supposed to and needs nothing further.

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People are stupid.

It will take a cataclysm to make people understand that movies should be rated based on different things. This particular movie is a conceptual one, with a beauty all its own. Everyone knows Mario wasn't turned into a sprite, magically, and that the sprites were a result of low capability of the nintendo and super nintendo systems. However, that's not important. What's important is that the sprite-to-hand-drawn is symbolic. If he liked, Jeremy could have gone into a lot more detail and taken a lot more time to flesh out the concept. By hand-drawing all the characters to begin with, and then giving them human interpretations as they were slowly transformed. This more primitive, simplistic approach allowed the concept to be displayed in a timely manner and, indeed, more readily. While I admit I would not have understood it had I not read the commentary, I will say that I appreciated the movie a lot more after reading it.

Try to look at things artistically people, okay? If you can't see effort and creativity when it smacks you in the face, don't fucking review it.

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2005
12:51 AM EST