Barge of a 1000 Bullets 2

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The conclusion to the smash hit Barge of a 1000 Bullets. Mario changes the mushroom kingdom with his own blood. Check out the extra Planet of the Apes ending in "scenes" section.

The cartoon didn't make sense? Read below in a NG Review exclusive!

Reviewed by: Divin
"When mario gets shot, this is the first time in video game history that mario has ever actually bleeded and due to his original nature (as a human before accidently going into a pipe to videogame land where he transformed into a sprite), it transforms him back to his original form as a human. This is transformation No. 1.
When Bowser is choking the human mario, the massive amounts of blood lost by human mario transforms the whole video game into a human world (hence the hand drawn toads at the end indicating THEY are NOW human)...
So instead of 2 different worlds, one sprite, and one human... mario has changed the course of history and changed them both into real worlds... This could possibly lead to repercussions in the normal real world kind of like interdimensional parrallels...Thus, it would make sense for mario's change from a sprite to a hand drawn character...Or... he only did it in one day..."

"Randy Solem says vote 0 but I'm not gonna listen to that loser.He needs to get a fucking reality check." Reviewed by: Red_Genocyber.



That was one of the best mario flash i have seen. Great music, Great emotion involved, and it had some action in it. The ending was also Beautifull =) my vote...5

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Awsome conclusion to Mario's adventures

A suprisingly emotional flash flick. The ending was brilliant, seeing Mario finally defeat Bowser, and return to the real world. A nice touch was showing the mushroom dudes admiring Mario's plunger, a token from a man who battled it out for more than a decade.


That was bad ass i had no idea Mario (c) 1998 would be In the REAL world Nice

This was awful

I don't know what is worse: stick figure animations or Mario-sprite animations.

Sprites have gone a long way. They were the way they were because they could not have been any better. Sprites were revolutionary when that was all there was; now we have photoshop, Flash, and 3DSMax.
Why not do what we can do and do it good? Why waste our time recreating sprites?

Aside from the oldschool, which sucks nowadays, the animation was shit. It hasn't any actual "style" because style is very hard to define and contemporary themes can not be easily "stylish".
Mario was a magical character, living in a magical kingdom filled with mushrooms that help one to grow; prinesses in peril; threatening tutlres; and a fight for good v.s. evil.
This version brings out machine guns (and while you stick to sprites, where are the cannons that fire giant bullets?), crappy heavy metal music, and a "shaky camera" technique that many contemporary artists think is actually a good thing.

I am beyond disappointed; I am respectfully upset.



I didnt think it was that great im giving it a definit 5

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2005
12:51 AM EST